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The selection of an Investment Bank for saving the money is a critical decision. There are lots of Investment banks in Middle East to choose from, and when choosing one, there are numerous things one should consider before making final decision. There are both foreign and local banks in Middle East ready to look after your money, or lend you someone else money.

National Bank of Egypt propose commercial promissory note like deposits, loan and credit cards, investment in actual estate, in isolation banking and investment banking. National Bank of Qatar provides commercial Islamic banks actions similar to deposits, loans and credit & cards, assets administration activities like riches management, account administration and portfolio management. National Bank of Dubai provides investing promissory note services like investment advisory, living and non- living things insurances. National Bank of Oman offers commercial services like deposits, loan and credit cards, investment promissory note investment advisory, account and assets administration and brokerage services.

A brokerage firm is a financial institution that acts as a stock broker. Brokerage firms serve a clientele of investors who trade public stocks and other securities. One of the biggest names in Kuwait brokerage is Arab Financial Brokers that is one of the leading brokers in the world, providing Forex trading, Islamic investment and online brokerage opportunities to customers worldwide. Arab Financial Brokers provides online brokerage and trading services, alongside micro trading services. Its clients consist of individual speculators to asset managers. As a closed shareholding corporation registered under Kuwaiti commercial law, AFB was created to deal with the increasing number of currency and future trading demands in the Middle East and to cater for clients who are investing heavily in the futures and spot Forex markets.

Arab Financial Brokers offers first-class services and competitive terms & conditions thus profitably building a long term relationship with clients. Their management team created a new generation of brokerage firms that is fulfilling customers’ needs for accuracy, accountability and speed in order to pursue Forex pricing and trading.

AFB provides an online trading platform for individuals, introducing brokers and financial institutions that want to consider the exchange rate between two currencies. At the same time they influence relationships with strategic alliances and skilled Forex professionals, and employed a team of experts to serve the customers in the Middle East, Gulf Region and countries worldwide. Their starting principles were intended to initiate the best hi-tech infrastructure and utilizing the most sophisticated Forex trading software, while together with delivering the best possible client services.

In 1977, Kuwait Finance House was established in the State of Kuwait, as the first bank operating on the Islamic Shariah and providing services like covering banking, finance, investment portfolios, real estate, trade, and other services in compliance with Islamic Shariah and opens new doors for Kuwait financing. Its investment activities in the US, Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East contributed to achieving the growing profit of Kuwait Finance House.

Kuwait Finance House has always made an effort to enlarge its local branch network and covers 52 branches besides special sections for ladies. It takes on the out of branch client concept. Kuwait Finance House has maintained its grip as a ground-breaking entity in utilizing the most modern tools to meet the needs of the various operations that they perform.

Richard Burton is a seasoned finance banker, with expertise in regional corporate financing and offshore investments. The author resides in Kuwait, and has been writing articles for various industry magazines and blog post for a number of years. Investment banks in Middle East | Kuwait brokerage | Kuwait financing

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