Spread Betting – IG Index Analysis

IG Index was established in 1974 and has been a leading speculative trading brokerage firm for many years. Initially opened as spread betting firm (the first within the UK) it’s show incredible growth and development. Also contributing to its’ offerings with products for example Contracts For Difference and Forex trading. IG Index has become the main IG Group, this operates the IG Markets.

IG Index offers investors numerous services which add to the overall versatility and effectiveness to the financial spread betting client by having one from the top software packages for charting and numerous market analysis tools. Keeping current with technology is a top priority for the company in addition to developing new products to provide its clients.

Based on numerous reports IG Markets currently offers over 10,000 financial instruments to its clients, that allows investors to possess a large range of trading products available to them. IG also boasts the power for their clients to trade in thousands of global markets, commodities, Forex and indices worldwide.

Financial spread betting clients are in a position to open accounts online and receive the advantages of this derivative such as tax free investing (in UK during the time of this review, susceptible to change at any time). IG doesn’t charge commissions in this derivative which allows the trader more reason to register.

There are numerous benefits which IG Index offers its financial spread betting investors, making their firm even more attractive than a number of other firms. These include tight spreads, twenty-four hour trading, low stakes, low margins, options trading, having the ability to go long or going short, automated stop loss and mobile trading.

IG Index however does not offer clients demo accounts. This in itself is actually a major flaw when they did not provide the ability for the newcomer to financial spread betting to make use of their Pure Deal platform. With this platform the trader can open an account without funding it, and may give it a try to get a feel for how the platform works. The PureDeal platform offers traders one click execution as well as price improvement software that will ensure the trader gets the best price deal per each transaction.

Due to the benefits that IG Index offers spread betting investors it’s been stated that more than 50 percent of traders are with this particular company and will stay with them.

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