Top hotspots around the globe for thrill seeking travellers

We lead regimented lives chasing annual targets at work, meeting people’s expectations and fulfilling familial responsibilities. Some shake off the monotony with jaunts to exotic locales among new cultures while some feel alive indulging in adventure activities. For the growing band of international travellers looking for new thrills for a shot of adrenaline, here’s a quick list to get you started. Usually such thrilling activities can cost quite a packet, so save as much as you can before you get started. Buy forex online at and get the best forex rates in India for an affordable adventure trip abroad.

Skywalk, China

Test your head for heights at this “walk of faith”. A glass pathway is bolted to the side of Tiananmen Mountain in Hunan, China, and perched 4000 feet above a rocky ravine. You might have to overcome bouts of vertigo to walk on glass, for an awe inspiring view of the canyon.

Zipline, UK

You can do this at Snowdonia in UK at Zip World. This is Europe’s longest Zipline as well as the fastest. You can zip across at a speed of 160km/hr suspended 498 feet above Penhryn Quarry in Wales. The height and terrifying speed is only for bravehearts.

Skydiving, Switzerland

Stock up on lots of cash at best forex rates in India to book this unique skydive from a plane or helicopter. Buy forex online to gain maximum cash on an exchange in case you want to do this again. Feel the thrill of being dropped from a height of 4000 feet barrelling down the sides of the towering Alps at terminal velocity. This is one of the most scenic drops of the world, with views of France, Germany, Italy and Austria past the snow clad peaks.

Bungee Jumping, China

Macau Tower at 338 metres tall has a stationary platform at 233 metres, from where you can bungee jump. This is certainly not for the faint hearted. There are jumps lower down for the uninitiated.

Volcano Surfing, Nicaragua

An active Volcano, called Cerro Negro in Nicaragua is the site for an unusual sport, Volcano Surfing. It requires you to slide down 500mts down the hillside on a board, while the still hot pebbles of ash and rock leave a trail of dust behind you. Watch out for the sharp volcanic rocks.

Diving with the Great White Shark, Australia

Buy forex online to fly all the way across to Australia with AUD at best forex rates in India, for this thrilling experience. Meet these dangerous but majestic creatures in a cage dive either on the surface or on the ocean floor. Here you’re just a few bars away from the killer jaws.

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