Why BookMyForex is a smart choice for forex transactions

As the holiday season descends on us and new college sessions are about to start on foreign shores, forex procurement assumes a greater significance. The financial institutions know this and bombard you with a plethora of offers and figures to beckon you to their doorstep. Thoroughly confused, how does one go about figuring out the best forex deal in town? Even though one has figured out a general direction where the exchange rates are going, how does one figure how far can one go when anticipating a forex rate?

For a clear cut, easy to navigate, comfortable and beneficial experience, you can buy forex online at BookMyForex, India’s premier site for buying, selling and remitting forex. A host of reasons make BookMyForex the ideal choice for the best online forex in India.

A forex marketplace that guarantees the best rates from the vendors

Yes, you no longer have to survey multiple financial institutions to seek the best foreign exchange rates. Due to their preferential partnerships with the leading banks and money changers in your locality, you will get better rates from them here than directly from these outlets. Being a forex marketplace for multiple financial service providers, it is an arena for direct competition among them all, vying for a piece of a substantial sales pie. For sure this is the best online forex in India, as it gives power to the consumer unlike standalone institutions which operate under a cloud of secrecy.

Buy forex online at zero margin!

You get to view forex rates throughout 24hrs in real time on the site mirroring the actual interbank currency rates. These fluctuate all time as opposed to single rates used by the banks and various money changers which high inbuilt margins. However with the best online forex in India at genuine wholesale currency exchange rates, there are no hidden margins.

BookMyForex has recently launched the Zero Margin Campaign, which not only assures nil mark-ups on currency and prepaid cards, but also assures you cashless travel insurance. You get three overseas ATM withdrawals every month free, plus atleast 10% saving on exchange rate during ATM usage abroad, at peak forex demand spikes in summers.

Multiple forex and travel related products available at one place

Avail of their multiple forex products apart from foreign currency like demand drafts, travelers cheques, prepaid travel cards, wire transfers and travel insurance here. All products are available from RBI authorized money changers or banks that have teamed up with the platform.

It makes for a great decision to buy forex online @ www.bookmyforex.com, with door pick up and drop of orders. Have a pleasant experience with their latest customer friendly apps and options for unmatchable foreign currency exchange rates!

The author of this article is an expert in writing about foreign exchange. To get to know more buy forex online, login to BookMyForex.com and experience the whole new way of buying & selling forex at best & live rates.

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